Durabit-Bauplast – Quality sealing technique

DURABIT-BAUPLAST has specialised since 1975 in the manufacture of ethylene-copolymer (ECB) and (FPO) sealing membranes, which comply with all relevant standards. These are marketed under the registered trade marks DURABIT® and COPOLEN ®.

Since the founding of DURABIT-BAUPLAST over 3 decades ago, products were marketed world–wide and the company has specialised distributors and installers in many countries.

In 1990 DURABIT won the State of Austria Award for Quality and Environmental Protection, for its fully perfected manufacture of roofing and sealing membranes.

DURABIT products maintain a constantly high quality by stringent third party and in-house quality control and quality assurance programmes. Having been awarded the Austrian Seal of Quality is further proof of the company´s high product proficiency.